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UoB does Movember


Movember is sadly drawing to a close, but don't worry, there's still time donate.

Students across Bristol Uni campus have been sporting moustaches to raise money for men experiencing mental ill-health, as well as those living with testicular or prostate cancer.

Bristol Uni's Movember Ambassador, Tomasz Pozniak, told The Bristol Tab: "This year, Bristol University's efforts to raise money are stronger than ever, with a total just shy of £30,000 (£29,000 as of November 30th).

"This has been achieved through multiple ways, such as the new UoB x Movember t- shirts being sold (with all profit going to the foundation), several Wednesday Night Lights sports games held at Coombe Dingle (with collections on the door) and of course the individual fundraising from 419 Students making up a total of 28 different fundraising teams, ranging in size from a four person house to a full sports team."

If you need anymore inspiration to donate (and you shouldn't) we've collated some of our favourite taches of the month

Zak Arney, 3rd Year

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Macca Hayward, 3rd Year

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George Gers, 3rd Year

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Ben Sackey, 4th Year

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Gabriel O'Brien, 3rd Year

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Hugh Hamilton, 3rd Year

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