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Bristol Uni claims it provides ‘a sector-leading residential experience’ two months after telling freshers to live in Wales

‘If Bristol really is sector-leading in its residential experience, God help students at other universities.’

The University of Bristol has described its student accommodation provision as a "sector-leading student residential experience," just two months after students were told to live in Newport, Wales.

This claim was made in a job advertisement for the Head of the Accommodation office, a position that pays £49,553 per year and involves ensuring that students get "secure, good quality and suitable accommodation."

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One source familiar with Bristol’s accommodation provision said: "If Bristol really is sector-leading in its residential experience, God help students at other universities. Just saying it’s sector-leading won’t make it so."

Recently, Bristol Uni caved to pressure applied by Bristol, Cut The Rent, who won £300k worth of rent cuts, bursary increases and compensation from the uni.

Bristol, Cut The Rent collected examples of poor accommodation standards as well as sending official complaints to the uni.

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Bristol, Cut The Rent in action.

Issues cited included no water being available, no hot water supply, flooding and building work during exam periods.

Ruth Day, a campaigner for Bristol, Cut The Rent, told The Bristol Tab: "The university claims that they are providing sector-leading residential experience, but how can they claim this when we have heard stories of students living in unsafe and insanitary conditions?

"Students in New Bridewell facing water issues, students in Hiatt Baker facing mould and rats, to name but a few issues that have been shared with us.

"It was only following a rent strike that some students got compensated for the poor conditions they were living in.

"We hope that the new Head of the Accommodation Office recognises the problems students are facing in University accommodation and stands up for students who experience poor quality accommodation."

The Bristol Tab asked the uni to justify the claim that its accommodation provision is "sector-leading."

A spokesperson for The University of Bristol said: "The University of Bristol aspires to be sector-leading in every aspect – from its teaching to the services and facilities we offer our students.

"This includes our accommodation office which aims to provide secure, good quality and suitable accommodation.

"We acknowledge that accommodation is one of the most significant costs that has to be met by students which is why we will continue to work with Bristol Cut the Rent and Bristol SU to find ways to make rent as affordable as possible."