Bristol clubbers of Reading Week

Looks like there’s not a lot of reading going on

Reading week is a time when those lucky enough to do an arts degree, often head home for a well-needed break from uni life. It is a time for study, it's a time for contemplation…and it's also apparently a time for forgetting all that and hitting up Lolas.

Clubbers of the week is back and here to stay. Here are our favourites from Reading Week.

Biggest camera lover

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Evidently the photographer was going for a candid scenery pic of Lola's- this guy was having none of it

Most cringe

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I just want to know what was happening behind the camera for this guy to be cringing so much- also why is he the only one cringing? So many questions

Oldest clubbers

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Someone come and collect their dad

Most camera shy

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This poor girl obviously tried to hide from the camera but now she's on clubbers of the week

Best costume

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Two bananas (one of which has sunglasses on)- need I say more?

Most scared

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This photo just screams, 'shit I think I left the oven on'

Best beards

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The guy on the left just didn't get the memo

Most likely to fall over

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They are literally a split second away from toppling over

Most hammered

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This guy probably blacked out 10 seconds later- lets hope his friend got him home okay

Best photo bomb

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There are about 4 different photo bombs happening here