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Dear Lakota, banning phones for a night doesn’t make you Berghain

Fair play though

This Saturday night Eats Everything is taking over Lakota for a Halloween special with a twist: they are banning all phones.

The aim of the 'digital switch off' is to recreate the no holding back attitude ravers had when Lakota first started in 1992.

When arriving at the event, clubbers will be given a lockable magnetic case produced by tech company Yondr.

Phones will then be locked away and can only be use it in case of emergencies at a special point inside.

When you want to leave, they'll unlock the case on your way out.

The event's Facebook page says: "With no phones to hold you back and no fear of being recorded, you’re free to be who you want to be whilst dancing the night away."

They do however encourage the use of disposable cameras.

At least they're not making everyone put their phones in buckets by the door…