Lewis Capaldi was getting the pints in at Mbargo on Monday

And you missed him because you were ‘revising’

Where were you on Monday night? Were you revising in the ASS, eye-fucking in the Hawthorns or simply tucked up in bed the night before an exam?

It doesn't matter where you were. What matters is where you should have been.

On Monday night, Lewis Capaldi descended on our beloved Bargs, in the first celebrity appearance at the venue since Ben Stokes’s infamous trip to the establishment.

Molly Fifield, 20, who studies Drama and Acting at UWE, had the fortune of meeting Capaldi at Mbargo.

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Capaldi (left), Molly Fifield (right), and a friend (VK written all over her tongue)

"Is it bad that I didn't know who he was?" Molly said.

It's not bad, just disappointing.

Students have taken to the comment section of Bristruths to convey their upset at having missed out on seeing the rising star.

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According to Mbargo, Capaldi and his mates were getting on the Carlsbergs.

A manager: "Yeah it was crazy, he just turned up with some friends and wanted to come and hang out with us and meet some fans. Can't wait to see which celebrity we get stopping by next!"