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Meet the girls taking part in FUZE 2019

The wait is nearly over

Meet the girls behind FUZE 2019, "the UK’s biggest charity fashion, music and dance event."

Themed Eden, this year's show aims to #ReviveTheGarden in aid of the Bristol based environmental charity City to Sea. It is sure to make viewers question their own relationship with nature in our modern, consumerist society.

The show returns this year bigger and better than ever at Bristol Grammar School on the 16th/17th March.

Katherine Lepage, FUZE's Social Media Director, told The Tab: "Being a part of FUZE 2019 is in itself an incredible experience but the highlight for me has definitely been taking this year’s theme, EDEN, and seeing it come to life in a multitude of ways.

"From the initial creative brain-storming behind the photoshoots to the final conception of the collages you can see on our beautiful, beautiful Instagram and Facebook.

"Working with such an ambitious and skilled team of creatives to make this year’s marketing magnifique has been the most inspiring and funnest of experiences I’ve had, and I just can’t wait to see the show finally come to fruition on the 16th/17th March!"

So, without further a do, here's all the female models participating in this year's show.

Ania Gordon

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Annabel Cator

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Annabel O’Hene

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Eden J. Peppercorn

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Eve Townsend

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Lisa Peterson

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Lucia Arimont

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Lulu Richards

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Nicky Lancerly

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Rosel Jackson Stern

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Sheila Joyce

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Model Head Shots: Courtesy of the organisers of FUZE 2019.