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Meet the candidates running for Undergraduate Education Officer in the SU elections

Voting closes this Thursday

With this year's SU election fully in swing, it's time to meet the candidates who could be running Bristol SU next year. Take a look at their answers to get more information on who to vote for. But, be quick — voting is only open from 12-14 of March!

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio

3rd year Social Policy

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What makes you the best candidate for this role?

"I’m currently the chair of the Widening Participation Network, which has given me a great insight into what works and what doesn’t in terms of undergraduate education. I’m really passionate about making sure the student experience is the best it can possibly be, especially on the academic side.

"Although the social side of it is so important, a student’s first proper encounter with the university is academic so for me that experience needs to be positive to make a student’s time at the University the best it can be. I want to be a voice for students. I want to be able to express what they feel but don’t know how to talk to the University about."

What is the most impressive part of your manifesto?

"I am most excited about shaping a UoB app that works for students. I want to make sure a portion of that app is dedicated to making communication fluid between lecturers, seminar tutors and students. Often, Staff office hours don’t work for everyone or multiple students have the same questions.

"I am a big fan of collaborative learning and I think that it would be good for students on the same course to have a platform run through university channels. The app would be a safe space for students to ask questions, confidentially or publicly."

What’s the biggest change you want to bring to UoB students?

"I have two. First, I want to make financial and non-financial support a lot more visible. Students don’t know where to go to find help – the university websites are unhelpful and are like a maze to navigate. I want there to be a dedicated platform for finding support. I also want to bring in a handbook to put in the fresher packs given to first years which would lay out all the support on offer and who qualifies for it.

"Secondly, I want to bring more of a student voice into the access agreement, which shapes how the Uni uses funds from fees to support students. Most students either don’t know what it is, or haven’t read it."

Where’s your favourite place to go on a Bristol night out?

"I’m more of a foodie than a night out girl, so you’ll find me in a good café or restaurant. I love Moltobuono! Italian restaurant on Park Street."