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Here are the best ‘overheard’ in UoB Bristruths posts

Did yours make the cut?

Apart from hearing every other person greet their friends with a hearty "alright, my loverrrr" , Bristol students come out with the most ridiculous lines.

You thought you were safe, but someone overheard you, and where better to post it than on Bristruths?

Overheard in halls

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You really expected a Wills Hall resident to sit on a lowly picnic blanket???

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These northerners can't catch a break

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It's all about balance

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The ONLY way to get to your 9am, darrrling

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Haven't we all

Overheard on campus

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Bristruths providing only the most relatable content

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One too many avocado sandwiches for this boujee student

Overheard around city centre/ Clifton

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Very insightful and probably not too far from the truth

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NOOO, NOT THE POINTS! sad reaccs only

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The disappointing reality when you came to university to meet people from across the country and every second person is from the South.