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Bristol win three consecutive matches on University Challenge for the first time since the program started

It’s coming home

Earlier this week, University of Bristol wiped Darwin College Cambridge out of the University Challenge. Bristol have managed to secure a place in the next series, giving them the longest consecutive streak amongst University Challenge teams.

This is their sixth consecutive run giving them a considerable amount to celebrate before the next match.

In fact, it’s the first time Bristol have managed to win three consecutive matches since the show began in 1962 giving them a record-breaking victory.

Not only is this the first time Bristol have managed to win three matches in a row, but they have also competed in more matches than any other university team.

The competition against against Darwin College was not easily won as the Cambridge team had acquired the second highest cumulative total of points within the first two rounds. In the last minute, Bristol managed to slip in front with a lead of five points.

The game ended with a whopping five tie-break questions until Pushan Basu buzzed in with the final correct answer, giving Bristol a win of 155 points to 105. The team will face St Edmund’s Hall Oxford next in the quarter final match.