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Here’s a definitive list of everything that happened when you went home for Christmas

You can’t wear your wavy garms outside Briz

You know the deal — you're back home for the Christmas holidays trying to avoid the stress of exams by drinking copious amounts of mulled wine. New Year's Day has passed and you finally realise you actually have to work, but the idea of watching Netflix in a house that's above 1'C is far too tempting.

Here's a list of everything that you have experienced since being back for Christmas:

1) Your parents quickly ask you when you're going back.

It's nothing personal — well, maybe it's because your nocturnal sleep schedule doesn't quite fit in with their home lifestyle.

2) Your family mock your new wavy garms that you are so proud of…

Red flares just aren't acceptable outside the comfort of Briz.

3) That 'week off' you gave yourself to recover lasts the WHOLE break.

2.2 here I COME.

4) Remembering what good food and a comfy bed feels like.

I can sleep without worrying the springs from my mattress will go straight through me? A vibe.

5) Eating an insane amount of food, but it's OK because "it's Christmas".

Every time.

6) Competing with your housemates over whose Christmas dinner is the best.

You'll take pity over your housemates whose Christmas dinner looks like anything bar perfection and totally judge their family for it.

7) Missing your uni pals who are now spread across the country.


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8) Making a Bristruth reference but then having to explain what Bristruths is to your family/friends.

The eternal struggle.

9) Being asked the same questions about Uni about 500000 times, "YES MY COURSE IS GOING FINE, THANKS".

Jk, I'm on track for a solid 55.

10) Your family taking every chance to ask you about your personal life: "do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?".

I'm trying to accept being forever alone, OK?

11) That yearly stress of NYE when you have nothing booked; stay in, go out, Spoons…?

Just want to kiss someone at midnight tbh.

12) Making some New Years resolutions because you will stick to them this year…

Totally going to go to EVERY lecture in 2019. Well, maybe the first week.