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Here’s how you can get involved in forming Bristol Uni’s new mental health strategy

‘We would like your feedback, ideas and suggestions’

Bristol University has rolled out a major consultation on a new student wellbeing strategy following a prolonged mental health crisis.

Launching earlier this month, the consultation gives a detailed outline of the new strategy as it currently stands, allowing all students and staff from across the uni to anonymously feedback on eight strategic aims.

The new strategy aims to gauge student support for the new targets and provide a space for fresh ideas to be submitted, with the final document set to be published in December.

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Bristol SU Student Living Officer Vanessa Wilson told The Tab: "This is a major win for everyone because it’s the first time students will have the opportunity to directly shape the institution's internal structures."

"Every student deserves to feel supported through their university experience and it’s about time that student feedback was placed at the very heart of university policy."

It should be noted though that the university have made no promises to adopt all of the new ideas that the consultation produces. It's being pitched as a chance to share your views rather than write the rules and whether students have actually been listened to will only become clear later on in the year.

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How does the consultation work?

The consultation is running via an online form, containing 29 separate questions about everything from early intervention to staff training. Twenty of the 29 questions are open-ended, asking things like "Do you think that anything else should be included in the vision?".

The process is up and running, meaning you can fill in the form any time from now until November 7, the date that the consultation closes. There is also a chance to have your voice heard in person, with a feedback session due to be held at the SU at 6:30 on Tuesday October 23.

Take part in the consultation by filling in the form here.