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First year Badock students temporarily housed in Langford due to a water leak

One student said they feel ‘completely isolated’

Thirty-two first year students have been unable to move into Badock Hall due to a large water leak in their block.

The students have been temporarily rehoused in Langford, some 14 miles south of Bristol and home to the university's Veterinary School.

The first years were scheduled to move into Badock on Sunday the 23rd September but were moved to Langford instead, where they will remain until the leak is fully repaired.

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Not the Freshers' Week they had anticipated

It is estimated that the repair work will take four weeks to complete. In the meantime, students have been given accommodation which features standard single rooms with a communal kitchen, dining room and lounge.

A bus service has also been arranged to move students between Langford, the main campus and city centre. Complimentary catering has also been provided.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “We recognise that this temporary change may be unsettling for the students, and so have placed two live-in senior residents to help ease the disruption, as well as a mini residential student support centre to help answer any questions or concerns the students may have."

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The accommodation the 32 first years were expecting

" We hope that the additional services we’ve provided will ease this temporary disruption and allow the students to enjoy their first few weeks at the University.”

However, an anonymous source claims that despite these measures, the students are far from satisfied and feel "completely isolated". One students claims to have "missed out on the Freshers' experience in every way."