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History graduation in dates blunder as students are handed degrees with the wrong year on

‘Does this mean we have to come back next year?’

There was confusion and disbelief at yesterday's history graduation ceremony after numerous graduates were handed certificates with the wrong year on.

Having been drilled for three years on the importance of facts and dates, an unspecified number of history students were perplexed to see that their degrees proudly boasted that they had been awarded "on the 27 June 2019".

Students sitting in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building compared their certificates, uncertain of whether there was a one year hiatus until their degrees were legitimate or whether this was an unintentional error. It turned out to be the latter.

Cath Senker, whose daughter received a First Class degree, wrote on Twitter, "Shame about the wrong date on the certificate but hey why should historians worry about dates?" whilst one graduate departing the Great Hall was heard exclaiming "Does this mean we have to come back next year?"

A message was subsequently posted in the History Society Facebook group, stating that "If you got an incorrect year/date on your certificate, email Exams Office and they will send a correct certificate to your home address, and verification of your degree if an employer is waiting for it."