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Live: Bristol Student Elections 2018 Results

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John House introduces the night ahead, announcing that this year was a big turnout, though just short of last year.


Networks of Chairs announced:

Chair of Societies Network: Jade Campbell

Chair of Wellbeing Network: Hester Careless

Chair of RAG, Volunteering and Sustainability Network: Maddy Kunkler

Chair of Sports Network: Ed Hanton

Chair of Student Council: Zoe Backhouse

Womens Network: Chloe Lake

Disabled Students' Network: Felix Manocha-Seymour

LGBT+ Network: Nura Alyah

BME Network: Eva Larkai

Trans Network: Charlotte Buchanan

International Students' Network: Marina Rodriguez Rubio


Postgraduate Faculty Reps announced:

Arts: William Hamilton

Engineering : Joshua Mudie

Health Sciences: Jessica Naylor

Life Sciences: Edmund Moody

Science: Chris Brasnett

Social Sciences and Law: Jafia Camara


Undergraduate Faculty Reps announced:

Social Sciences and Law: Julio Mkok

Arts: Michael Natzler

Engineering: Dario Quintero Domiguez

Health Sciences: Anthony Charalambous

Life: Anders Morris

Science: Sally Emerson

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Our elected officer for next year

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Our Full Time Officers for next year: (from left) Ginny, Sally, Shubham, Vanessa, Stanford, Nasra


Mason Ammar continues the proceedings

Student Trustees: Helen Inman, Samya Safaraz, Ross Waterman

Full Time Officers announced:

Union Affairs Officer: Stan Ford

Undergraduate Education Officer: Nasra Ayub

Student Living Officer:
Vanessa Wilson

Postgraduate Education Officer: Shubham Singh

Equality, Liberation and Access Officer: Sally Paterson

Sport and Student Development Officer: Ginny Troughton