Bristruths: We spoke to the new confessions page taking Bristol by storm

It’s run by the guys behind Wills Meme-orial

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Grudgebridge, Imperial Secrets, Oxfeud- it seems every Russell Group has their own confessions page these days. Stacked full of hot gossip, snide comments, witty jokes and hatchet jobs, these anonymous Facebook pages have set their respective universities alight with intrigue and amusement.

So it was only a matter of time until Bristol got its own equivalent. Having launched last night in a deluge of bitchy, angry and honest comments, the 'Bristruths' page has already racked up 100+ likes in 12 hours, with pot shots aimed at everything from the Queens Building to beloved Greek restaurant Taka Taka.

Run by the men behind Wills Meme-orial building, the page uses this Google Form to submit "anonymous confessions/crushes/grudges" before selecting the best (non-defamatory) ones to post on its page.

Some of the 'truth bombs' being dropped by Bristruths

Asked by this news outlet the reasons for founding the page, an anonymous Bristruths admin responded: "I thought it would be fun, Bristol doesn't have a confessions page and that needed correcting. There's so much gold to mine here, it's criminal."

As for future plans: "We will see what 2018 gives us. If it gets too big for one page we will do what the other unis do and divide it up into categories. For now, Bristol, keep sending those confessions in."