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Reclaim the Night is back in Bristol

And this time it returns for a whole month

Bristol’s biggest student protest is back this year with Reclaim the Night. With banners, chants and female solidarity galore, it is not an event to be missed.

Reclaim the Night is set to make its mark in Bristol on the 25 November, and will be led by Sally Patterson, Women’s Officer at Bristol’s SU.

Coming at a time when issues of sexual harassment and abuse are in the spotlight in Westminster and Hollywood, the event is sure to attract a large crowd of students.

The event consists of individuals of all genders marching through Bristol in a protest that works to end violence against women. It’s a march that takes place on the streets that we all want to be safe on.

A still from last year's protest

A survey in 2014 asked about women’s experiences on the Clifton Triangle and revealed that only half felt safe whilst getting home at night. This march hopes to show that everybody should feel safe on the streets of our diverse city.

The march will start in Queens Square, with people making their way to the Student Union where participants can enjoy speakers, music and dance performances to celebrate the work of self-identifying women.

The event is Bristol's biggest feminist event

Sally Patterson commented: "Sexual harassment is everyone’s problem. Reclaim aims to unite students against gendered violence, which is unfortunately all too common on campus. Join us throughout November to say enough is enough- it’s time that Bristol becomes a university that is truly safe for all its students."

The event needs as many people as possible to attend to make maximum impact. So, if you believe in fighting against gender-oriented violence and fancy making your own feminist stand – then it’s time to get your banners ready.