Wills Meme-orial Building: We talk to the men behind the memes

“We are the meme makers and we are the memers of memes”

Memebridge. Memeperial. St Memedrews. For too long, Bristol lacked its own world class meme page that could rival the ‘dankness’ of these illustrious institutions.

That is, until the Wills Meme-orial page came along. In the mere five weeks since it launched, a mix of quasi-satirical banter, uni in-jokes and Taka Taka tropes have seen the page harvest some 2,000 likes, leaving its rival ‘Class in the ASS’ for dust and winning a place in the heart of every meme-loving student with too much time on their hands.

In their exclusive first interview, the meme team spoke to The Tab about their love of viral content and mocking the eccentricities of Bristol life.

It’s funny because it’s true

First things first. Why the anonymity? Isn’t making a meme page purely about pursuit of recognition, fame and eternal glory?

Eternal glory? Meme page admins are often associated with negativity like suicide and tragic shit like that – I like to think that I’m slightly above that. Also, anonymity gives you scope – I can say what needs saying without judgement and that works. I like it, I want to keep it that way.

Describe the creative process that goes into make your memes.

I often see a meme in the evening and think “oooh that is a good format/structure” then I save it and copy it. I think about what Bristol students will find funny and then try and base it on that.

Part of the “Hector” series of memes

Which topics offer the most ‘meme-able’ material scheduled? 

I like to make memes about the Bristol way of life – the Hector ones work really well with the whole socialist side of the student populous. I suppose the easiest to meme are the short-comings but they are often too contentious to post. I have about 10 memes in the bank that are being saved for either when we have a dry spot or if I feel like offending someone.

How many memes do you create a day? Are they scheduled daily or done on an ad hoc basis?

It genuinely depends. I can make a meme in 3 mins or be planning one for about a week. The other editors make them often but need a push to produce on occasion. I like to post 2/3 times a day but that is unachievable with such a fucking busy schedule. Scheduled posts are great for hiding anonymity though.

The most popular meme so far

Which meme are you most proud of making?

There is one. I haven’t posted it though – it is far too edgy for the page. We are liked by too many normies – it isn’t healthy. In terms of ones that I have posted, there is the “hive of scum and villainy” meme which almost went viral (had over 200 shares) so that is pretty cool.

What would you say makes a truly ‘dank’ Bristol meme?

It has to attack the very bedrock of Bristol society. It has to engage and piss off everyone and make them laugh at the same time. There are a lot of issues that people like to brush under the carpet – the dank memes throw away the carpet and force everyone to stare at the shit we did on the floor.

Another Bristol institution

Do memes serve any non-comedic purpose?

I like to think that we are vaguely aware of the social issues. There is a lot of pseudo-intellectualism in Bristol and the best way to counter that is to be pseudo-intellectual yourself. There are a lot of interesting issues that we have to address and I’m hoping that the anonymity allows us to keep shitting on the system.

If the Wills Memorial Building does get renamed, will your page follow suit?

No, read why in the Epigram next week.

Ain’t no meme like a Tab editor meme

Where do you see the page going in the future?

I don’t know, big as Memebridge or Memeperial? It is only a meme page after all.

Finally, I have to ask. Why do you publish so many memes of our editor, Conrad Young?

We don’t like institution. Straight out. We dislike any attempt of students to be anything more than students, especially when the quality of journalism is so bloody poor. Conrad is synecdochally the student body that we are a part of. Also, getting the attention of the Tab gives us lots of likes and press – so thank you. This interview has done that job nicely.