Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelor: Group 2

Hot diggity dawg

After a thunderous first round of beautiful Bristol bachelors, the second group of sharp looking singletons are here to be judged.

Vote for who you think should be in the final in the poll at the bottom.

Tom Owen

“Loves red wine and sophisticated conversation. 6ft 2 and is looking for an equally big male.” – Anonymous fan

George Ball

“George ‘Baller’ is a computer scientist like you’ve never met before. Seen last weekend debuting his lastest drum and bass dj mix in a shower with a strobe light, Baller needs a girl as ready to scream support for Accrington Goldney football as she is to glitter up for progressive house music every weekend. Living embodiment of the phrase (to quote Parks and Rec), “you gotta work a little, so you can Ball a lot.” – Anonymous fan

George Barham

“Normally found in LoLa Lo’s. Theres a 93% if he sees you in a club he’ll either buy you a drink or ask you on a date. If you like short term fun then theres no better man than the future millionaire that is George Barham.” – Anonymous fan

Daniel Durkin

“Stylish multi-linguist who can tell you he loves you in 5 different languages.” – Anonymous fan

Bradley Bates

“Knows a thing or two about playing the field as a rough rugby boy. All about the charm and flashing his love rug, wearing a shirt in the day is Brad’s main tactic, and the ladies of Bristol just can’t resist. Does he want to settle down? He’s that mysterious boy in the corner of Bunker with sunglasses on and a VK in each hand.” – Anonymous fan

Isaac Ajala 

“This Wills beefcake boasts phenomenal dance moves, sick chat and a debut album- ‘Origins’- about his life under the performing name of ‘King Wani’. A schoolmate even managed to get Nigel Farage to wish him “the best of luck mate” in a video endorsing his burgeoning musical career.”

“Isaac, who studies law, has also graced the SU’s naked calendar, appearing alongside his fellow rugby pinups by sporting his cock in a sock.”

“He is, in the words of Robbie Williams, A man for all seasons, A hit with the ladies, A stallion in the sack.” – Anonymous fan