No, this Bristol lecturer isn’t getting people to salute Hitler. It’s just science.

Wait what

Upon first inspection it may look like this is a photo of a whole lecture hall full of students giving a Nazi salute to their lecturer.

“Another fresh scandal on Bristol’s campus” I hear you say.

“I thought we had enough anti-Semites involved in university affairs?! – you cry.

Alas, this is not a picture of Bristol’s brightest and best being turned to far right extremism by their demagogue lecturer and this is not going to be in tomorrow’s national newspapers as another huge exclusive.

In fact, these students have been tasked with blocking half of the visualiser graph with their hands to show the parallax. What an unfortunate coincidence!

Notice also the young rebel watching The Big Bang Theory on his laptop in the right hand corner – £9000 well spent.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you’re wondering, yes they actually pay me to write this stuff.

The photo was first published by Spotted: University of Bristol.