Rob Angel has been voted the most powerful student on Bristol’s campus

He won by just 3 votes

In a shocking turn of events, rugby league captain Rob Angel overtook UBSC’s Chris Mathias in the final minutes of our Power List competition to win by only 3 votes.

Rob’s Angels granted him 1966 votes and 28.12% of the vote.

In a great surprise to everyone, Chris could not replicate last year’s victory as The Tab Bristol BNOC of the Year 2016 despite being in the lead for the last few days.

The polls as they closed at 3pm

We would like to thank the 6979 students who voted in our prestigious competition and commend all the finalists who did not receive a top spot.

When told of his victory, Rob said:

“Before today I thought everything in the Tab was absolute rubbish, I guess this year is no different. I’d like to dedicate this to my inspiration Mo Awad (Warwick BNOC 2016) and my housemates (Adam, James, Harry, Dom, Phil and Andre).”

Chris also spoke to us:

“Firstly, congratulations to Rob, from what I’ve heard he’s a really genuine guy, and I hope that he reaps any and all rewards from winning this title! Of course this is heartbreaking news, but no doubt I’ll continue to seek approval from others to validate my worth in some form.”