Bristol students ranked as more employable than Oxbridge graduates

We came 3rd in the country

In a startling turn of events that is sure to get you messaging your smartass Cambridge friend Emily, Bristol has been ranked ahead of Oxford and Cambridge in a new employer target study.

Conducted by High Fliers Research in December, the study looked at starting salaries, graduate vacancies, and undergraduate work experience programmes at the country’s 100 leading employers.

Amongst companies on the list of leading employers are the BBC, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Marks and Spencer.

UOB came in an impressive 3rd place which is up one place from 4th in 2016.

Bristol was beaten only by our northern friends in Warwick and Manchester whose victory over us can be brushed aside by remembering how bloody freezing it is up there.

Stuart Johnson, Director of Careers Service at the University of Bristol, said:

“Bristol has for a long time been a university heavily targeted by top employers but it is particularly gratifying to be at our highest position in the report since High Fliers began their Graduate Market Review in 2004.”

“Bristol attracts some of the best students and produces some of the most employable graduates, something that as an institution and as a careers service we are tremendously proud of.”