In defence of Wills Hall

We’re just like the rest of you common people!

Wills Hall suffers from something terrible, something which could destroy us: a bad reputation.

It’s very upsetting really.

We are told, before we even arrive at Wills, that our hall is known as “posh”, “fancy”, “for rich people” amongst other, less pleasant things. Hell, even in our introductory meeting on the first Monday we were told by our Warden of the reputation, and not to make it worse!

It’s sad really, that Wills is demonised before other halls even have the chance to meet us. Regardless, I’m going to clear up once and for all why Wills is, in fact, the best hall, yet just like any other.

It’s not just for posh twats 

You get a huge mix of people from anywhere and everywhere, and there’s nothing wrong with being privately educated.

I will say that I have encountered many people at Wills who do feel slightly superior due to their school, but I’ve encountered just as many from Churchill who feel the same.

At least while in every other hall students try to hide their private school background, we have no problem saying, “Yes good fellow, I did attend Eton, and it is a smashing school. I’m glad I didn’t go to your shitty comprehensive!”

Therefore you must understand; we’re not better than you, we just think we’re better than you.

Besides, throughout the years Churchill has even had a higher percentage of private school students.

Gap Yah kids are right at home in Wills

Not all of our building look like Hogwarts, ok?!

Have you actually seen our buildings? Have you actually been up to Wills and explored it? My bet is no, as nobody would walk up that fucking hill by choice.

We don’t just have the Hogwarts buildings, we have regular, grey buildings just like UH as well.

The UVW and XYZ blocks are all regular, grey, boring buildings. In fact, I’d say that even Badock has nicer buildings than the grey misery that houses a hundred odd “posh twats”.

So yes, our dining hall looks like something out of Harry Potter, but you can’t call us twats because the hall is “fancy” in every way!

We’re not the only hall that has formal dinners

Yes, we may have more than most, and yes we wear gowns (not helping our case I guess), but many other catered halls have them.

Churchill and Badock (yes, Badock) have them regularly, and I’m pretty sure that almost EVERY hall had some form of Christmas formal.

It’s not our fault we enjoy tasty food and table service once every couple of weeks.

There’s one other thing you need to understand…

We feel no different being in Wills.

There is no secret club, we don’t discuss how we’re better than the rest of you (although we may joke about it), we don’t feel like we’re in a better or worse hall than anyone else.

I feel like Wills is the perfect place for most students who end up here, and other halls are more suited to other personalities.

When you sign up for accommodation, they don’t ask you if you want to be in a posh or common hall, they ask you about your personality, and Wills certainly has that!

Although on a more personal note, thank fuck I’m not in Badock.