Why the Riverside halls are the best

Why Riverside does it better

Down in the city centre, far from the desolate fields of Stoke Bishop, lay three fresher halls of beauty and brilliance – The Riverside halls.

Waverley, Favell, and The Rackay, together we are one big Unite Students family.

Consistently underrated and ignored when compared to other accommodations, riverside is like a year long secret party. I’m gonna tell you why its actually lit.

Our flat parties are wavy

Being in Wavy-ley means we have some big ass kitchens that they could only dream about in University Halls or Durdham. Shout out to the catered halls that pre in their bathrooms because of the lack of communal space. Tragic.

When Friday hits, there will be invitations all over the lifts and hallways inviting you to all the pres going on.


Walking home from a night out takes 5 minutes

The glorious boat itself

Good old Przym and Thekla are literally a stone throw away. So, while all of you Stokey B lot order your Ubers, we don’t have to feel bad about getting some cheeky cheesy chips on the way back.


We have double beds

Everyone hopes that when they come to university, their room will be a social hub where everyone gathers for sleepovers, Made in Chelsea Mondays, Poldark Sundays and Bake Off Wednesdays.

Here in Riverside, we can do all those things in our double beds. It creates a communal and friendly atmosphere. Five in one bed. Popcorn. Sorted.


We are called riverside for a reason

Whenever you’re stressed about work, step outside of Waverley, Favell or Rackhay, turn left and just stare into the abyss of water, crowded by fairy lights on the harbourside.

It really is a cute, scenic location, perfect for first dates.


There is never a dull moment in the lifts 

This might sound unusually mundane to you but in Waverley, lifts are life, lifts are love.

We have three lifts and they become a place to have a catch up with hall mates or speak to someone you haven’t seen before. It all begins with a “what floor should I press?”  Not to mention its where you can advertise your predrinks.


Hill over bus any day

As city centre dwellers, we must trek up park street every day. Although this might seem like a negative.  it’s great for the glutes and we never miss lectures.

The ridiculous queue outside Barclays for the number 16 bus is an absolute joke.


 Cabot Circus is basically your garden

Feel like spending all your student loan on Urban Outfitter’s puffers? Well lucky you, you’re 5 minutes away from Cabot. Imagine having to trek from stoke bishop to Cabot on the bus to pick up your basic bitch Halloween costume?


 Kebab You Like

Everyone’s favourite drunk food place after a night out. With a 15% Student discount that is never correctly calculated but instead knocks off 50p, it’s a must on the way back from SWX.

It also becomes a social hub to discuss what everyone did on their night out. What even is Jason Donervan?


Riverside is down to earth

Riverside is full of the most beautiful, down to earth people that you will never find in Stoke Bishop.  There’s no rahs around these ends.

We may have been everyone’s third choice but with that comes solidarity and a communal sense of rejection. Then you quickly begin to realise how lucky you are to live in such a vibrant area. So, if you’re reading this as a Bristol offer holder after being allocated Riverside, don’t believe all the Stoke Bishop hype.

Be a Riverside raver.