BRISTOL’S BEST BUMS 2016: Final chance to apply

Send submissions by email to [email protected]


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, straining for, and aching to know more about.

The pinnacle of this term’s student journalism is finally here – its a competition about arses.

An unmissable event, Bristol’s Best Bums 2016 will see the finest male and female student derrieres compete against each other in a battle to the top.

Last year’s female winner

Do you have an asstounding pair of cheeks? Fancy yourself to be the next Kardashian? Bored of Instagram posts and want to take it to the next level?

Its time to throw down and show everyone that you have a top bottom. Your anonymous entries will be voted on by the Bristol masses – a bootiful display of democracy if ever there was one.

All submissions are published anonymously so potential employers, parents, and lecturers wont find out.

Last year’s male champion

There are 3 rules:

  1. Don’t put your face in it.
  2. Make sure your butt is visible.
  3. Make it a good quality photo (no grainy, cheeky snapchat type photos)

‘Extra points’ will be given for a more adventurous location shot.

An example of an adventurous location shot from Cambridge

Don’t let all those squats go to waste.

Boys and girls, send your submissions by email to [email protected]