Outrage as SU David Attenborough event sells out in seconds

Students are offering to buy tickets for as much as £20

The SU promised a ‘A uniquely special event’ in which Bristol students could ‘Join Sir David Attenborough as he shares, with broadcaster and passionate conservationist Chris Packham, his experience of the changing nature of conservation.’

The event, titled ‘Attenborough & Packham – in conversation’, was set to take place in the Anson Rooms in the Richmond building on the 13th October. However, the event was free to students and there were only 165 tickets available.

The SU predicted a rush on tickets, even stating on their Facebook page:

“Wow! Unsurprisingly there’s been a massive amount of interest in this event. Clearly, you’re as excited as we are about Sir David joining us next week.”

“Make sure you keep your browsers trained on the page at 12 NOON TOMORROW (4 October).’”

The result was a mad rush on tickets at 12 reminiscent of Glastonbury festival, leaving many students feeling disappointed.

The comments section on the event page was consequentially a pit of anger and resentment towards the SU and the low number of seats they were offering to provide in a room that can contain far more than 165 seats.

Some students were even offering to pay money so that they could attend the event.

Others have called for the venue to be changed so as to seat more people.

There is no word as yet from the SU about expansion of the event, but the talk is sure to be a special one for those who got tickets