My ode to Taka Taka

It’s the best restaurant in the entire world


When God created the heavens and earth,

He thought ‘this is great’ but first,

Let me make pita house porn,

So our favourite Taka Taka was born.


Let’s take a moment to picture the scene,

I’ve stumbled out of Bunker, it’s quarter to three.

Your friend’s picking Donervan’s chips off the floor,

I say ‘look mate, there a better place right next door’.


No pink ketchup, chunder or No. 16 bus,

No crying girls, bouncers or freshers’ annoying us,

Just love – unadulterated and pure,

Taka Taka makes me feel so secure.


Past our beloved Mbargos, beyond the traffic lights,

Taka Taka brightens up any average night.

Oooooh I can smell it now, I can sense my bae,

I desperately need my tasty takeaway.


There’s a bit of queue I don’t give an iota,

Taka Taka any day over Lakota,

My friend asks ‘what you getting son’,

Stupid question, I knew before the night begun.


Chicken Gryos every time,

£3.60 and simply divine.

Made my order and now I wait,

I can’t control my heart rate.


You get your receipt and wait in anticipation,

You’re minutes away from a jaw-dropping sensation.

‘Number 243?’, ‘yay that’s me!’

Forget all about your bachelor’s degree.


That first bite, my God it’s insane,

The glorious sensation is difficult to explain.

Greek yogurt trickles down your throat,

The chips are a legendary anecdote.



Now some say it’s on the pricey side,

But find me a better babby worldwide.

I’d spend my entire student loan,

Just to have Taka Taka on my tombstone.


When finally it’s time to leave,

And it no longer feels like Christmas Eve,

Back up Whiteladies I’m off to bed,

With dreams of Taka Taka filling my head.


And when I have to bid Bristol goodbye,

I know I’ll die a happy guy,

In the knowledge that every time I reappear,

Taka Taka will always be near.