It’s time to realise that the US is officially doomed

Two words: Donald Trump.

Non-Americans and even Americans can now be in a sort of agreement – the country itself is fucked up.

As someone who has lived there and seen all the problems first-hand, I feel that I can understand which groups are bringing the whole thing down.

Bible Bashers 

They’ll tell you America is the land of God but boy are they dumb as shit.

It’s like ‘No babe, you’ve got this all wrong, the land of God is actually referring to Jerusalem and that isn’t anywhere near the United States’. In fact, it’s laughable, because they probably wouldn’t even be able to point at it on a map.

To understand this type of person, you’ve got to learn that they’re just a bit loony.

They can’t see another point of view cause they’ve been brought up close-minded. God and guns, and hell no to any type of women’s rights. Abortion is the most evil thing on the planet, and only second to that is anyone who isn’t Christian.

Muslim is a synonym for  terrorist to these people. Patriotic as ever, they believe America is for Americans only and they want all immigrants out because obviously  they are all stealing their jobs.

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Rich Christians

Don’t get me wrong, there are some educated types but does that mean that their beliefs are more normal?

Unfortunately, the fear of terrorism has just taken its toll. They’ve been brought up with Jesus and therefore their kids are told sex and alcohol are the devil. Their daughters are given no advice and obviously birth control is out of the question.

Reigned in like little girls even though they are teenagers, they all try to rebel. They get pregnant and abortion just isn’t a choice for a woman to make about her own body so that’s it, you’ve got to become a mom at 16.

For the more fortunate,  you’ll go to college, which unfortunately costs a fuck load of money. Without a doubt it will be a Christian college, and at 21 you’ll get married so you’re finally allowed to have sex and not feel guilty about it.

Gun Lovers 

You’ll buy your first born a gun for their 10th birthday, why not?

It’s America and you’ve got to love guns no matter what. They’ll tell you their guns are necessary in case the government came to take their land away.

REALLY? What other country is sitting there afraid the government is about to attack their civilians? Maybe in the Eastern world but hang on, isn’t this the USA we’re talking about? AKA. “The Land of the Free”.

Thing is, it isn’t the land of the free at all because freedom is bound by the constitution. This is the same thing that was used to argue against the concept of gay marriage. Surprisingly, things have fucking moved on since 1787!

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The Failure of the Republican Party 

They just didn’t see it coming.

The Republican party used to think they were above it all. Obama was the fault of all problems, mostly because he wanted to help people and Republicans just want to let people die if they were to get terminally ill, (because only those who can afford it should get healthcare.)

They really thought that this election they’d have it easy. Everyone would vote for them because all they needed to do was trash talk Obamacare. They used to laugh at Donald Trump – who would vote for him? His haircut is a joke and his face is orange. But that’s where they got it all wrong.

They underestimated the stupidity of their own people. Because evidently half the nation think he’ll ‘Make America Great Again!’ and now the guy could actually become the President of the United States.

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They had it coming…

When you think about it, they had it coming.

I hope the success of Trump forces them to realize that no one should be allowed to buy their way into becoming President.  It’s the complete fault of their own idiotic system.

This whole lack of social welfare. It is so backward.

The lack of immigration has caused many Americans to be uncultured and unable to accept diversity. The casual racism that is still present means that even police officers practice discrimination.

Hardly anyone earns enough money to be able to travel and experience different cultures and therefore cannot possibly see life from a different perspective.

The fault of the emphasis on that ridiculous ancient document (the constitution) instead of caring about actual human rights.

The fault of the government that cannot see how the death penalty isn’t lowering their crime or incarceration rate.

The fault of the government that they are one of the richest countries in the world yet they spend next to nothing on trying to fix the poverty that is shockingly present in every single state.

Many are convinced that their anti-liberal mindset is right. I say, give them Donald Trump and let’s prove them wrong once and for all.