10 honorary UWE students to join Bristol courses at the start of next year

The programme will compare the teaching at both unis

High performing UWE students will be joining Bristol courses for a whole academic year next September. The educational experiment has been kept in the dark since a committee comprising officials from both institutions discussed the plans in 2015.

Now, The Tab can reveal details about the extensive programme that is aimed at comparing teaching courses at both universities and analysing how UWE students interact with their UOB peers.

The 10 students who will be joining were selected based on an aptitude test, a series of interviews, and feedback from personal tutors.

All of the students are currently in second year and will be studying third year courses at UOB.

The decision to only use students at this stage of their education was made to allow them to make detailed comparisons between each syllabus and to ensure that they already have an advanced understanding of the course.

This is what they’ll be leaving behind

The full list of students with their corresponding courses for next year can be found below.


  • Oliver Kamp
  • Alisa Lewis
  • Brendan O’Malley

Maths and Philosophy:

  • Reuben McCain

Civil Engineering:

  • Harry Taylor


  • Becca Wood
  • Fatima Hussein


  • April Fewl
  • Leila Chatterjee

Modern Languages:

  • Rosie Morton

Future UOB Maths student Brendan O’Malley told the Tab: “Even though my friends are taking the micky out of me for joining the ‘dark side’, I’m really excited for next year. I’m looking forward to seeing what the difference is in teaching styles and finding out whether the rumours about you UOB students are true.”

April Fewl, who is currently studying 2nd year History at UWE, said: “I was so shocked when I found out I got in! I’m a bit sad to be leaving my friends on my course but I suppose they won’t be too far away.”

UWE’s vice chancellor Steven West is wholeheartedly in support of the project. Speaking exclusively to the Tab he told us: “A lot of people think UWE is shit but this will be a chance to prove them wrong.”