Graffiti portraying Donald Trump as Hitler has appeared on the side of a Bristol pub

I did Nazi that coming

Despite efforts to ban him from entering the country (and Lakota), Donald Trump has appeared in the UK – on the wall of a Bristol pub.

Painted by renowned London street artist Pegasus, the mural depicts controversial Republican presidential candidate in the likeness of Hitler.

The piece, completed over the course of five days with the help of local Bristol street artist John D’oh, can be found on the wall of the Hen & Chicken pub in North Street.

The image of Trump is accompanied by a quote from philosopher George Santayana, stating: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Speaking to Mashable, Pegasus expressed his hope that that the image will “give voters the wake up call they need.”

He said: “The man will become another tyrant in history.”

Pegasus is known for his stencilled depictions of pop culture symbols, including the Queen, Barack Obama and most famously Amy Winehouse, whom he paid tribute to in the famous Fallen Angel artwork.

Many of his works serve as political statements – a recent piece expressed his support for the #OscarsSoWhite movement which has been taking over social media this year. He cites Bristol-born artist Banksy as one of his influences.