Every stage of your reunion with friends from home

The gossip is amazing

Uni is great. Uni is fun. Uni is full of weird, wacky and wonderful people. It’s a time where you can re-invent yourself. No one knows you and you don’t know anyone – it’s a place full of opportunities. Nothing however, compares to when you finally get to see your friends from home after you’ve spent time away pretending to be someone else.

You squeal when you see each other and talk for three hours straight

You know how you judge those annoying girls who squeal when they see their friends? You know the ones. You used to roll your eyes at them when you passed them. That’s what you become the second you see the squad step off the train at Temple Meads.

You play drinking games and they get reeeeally personal

Drinking games work when you’re with your uni friends. It’s fun, light and never too personal. When your home friends are there however, it’s different. They know your weaknesses, they know the skeletons hiding in your closet and they know the person you lost your virginity to. And they are not afraid of bringing it up.

Someone got a tattoo

Fair play Sarah, no one thought you’d go through with it tbh.

Someone’s a BNOC

You and Georgia used to hang out all the time. You guys weren’t particularly rebellious but still had fun. You could relate to Georgia, confide in her, bitch about people to her. You had a lot in common with Georgia. You and Georgia were never the ones stirring shit or getting involved in drama but merely spectators to it all.

Now she’s a BNOC and she’s slept with the entire rugby team while you’re sitting in your room reading this Tab article.

Classic Georgia

Someone’s full on crazy

Guys we need to talk about Hettie. Hettie and I used to listen to One Direction together wearing our Jack Wills hoodies in our Berkshire homes. Hettie and I used to go skiing together, her parents had a place in Meribel. Then Hettie went to Manchester and now she goes to raves, listens to grime, doesn’t speak to her parents, takes a dangerous amount of drugs and likes to be called H. We’re all worried about Hettie.

Does anyone know if Hettie’s ok?

Some bitch pretends they’re best friends with your best friend

Haha omg no way you met Steph in freshers and now you’re best friends?

Bitch please, I was there for you when we hadn’t started our periods, our skin was so bad that it physically hurt to move our faces, our braces stopped us from smiling in photographs and we used to fantasise about our first kiss. So excuuuuse me if I don’t want to sit through you talking about how you and Steph are going to inter- rail together over summer.

This was true friendship

You turn into those annoying people who cannot stop taking pictures



Someone went to a university miles away and no one knows what she’s up to

I feel bad and I miss you but seriously Cat if you wanted us all to keep in touch with you then you shouldn’t have gone to uni in fucking Scotland.

Someone’s classic unay

No Grace, we don’t want to steal that road sign. Put it back where it belongs.

Guys come on it’ll be funny

Someone’s really into sports and she won’t stop talking about it

Remember when you and Livi used to hide in the locker room to avoid doing actual exercise at school? Remember when you forged each other’s parent’s signatures on those forms to get off PE class? Remember how the words “bleep test” made you both physically sick?

Livi’s now really into lax. Don’t bother speaking to Livi on Wednesdays because she has her lax match and then she has her lax social with her lax friends and she’s exhausted from lax practice so she’ll call you later when she’s free from all the lax things she has to do now that she plays lax.

Someone’s really hot now

And she knows it too.

Someone actually has their shit together

Amy was the class clown at school. Amy sat in the back of the room, made jokes and never did her homework. Amy’s now in a serious relationship. Amy goes to the gym regularly. Amy makes proper food that isn’t a microwave meal. Amy still manages to find the time to go out and make friends.Amy interned at Deloitte over summer. Amy’s going to get a first.

Fuck Amy.