Bristol’s maddest fresher: Rory Moss

He’s been nominated as ‘liability of the year’ in UBSC

The third nomination for the maddest fresher is Rory Moss, a legend of UBSC whose interests include swimming in frozen lakes and wandering the streets of Edinburgh alone. Rory lives by the Kanye West philosophy for life, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”, and he embodies it whole-heartedly.

Ski Trip

Ski Trip: Rory is back-left in the green t-shirt

Rory gained notoriety after insisting on going onto a frozen lake in Tignes in spite of the advice of his friends. On the incident he isn’t completely clear, only telling us that he woke up the next day to 40 missed calls and voicemails telling him to steer clear of any frozen ponds.

Then, on the BUCS trip to Edinburgh, he got blind drunk on the coach up and left all of his luggage, along with his team, on the bus while he wandered into Edinburgh alone. After waking up later thinking that his match was another day, Rory wandered through Edinburgh for 10 hours before eventually meeting his teammates at a club in Edinburgh at 3am.

Rory’s had his fair share of domestic antics too, with climbing into his second floor flat through the window because he lost his key, losing odds to lick a urinal, sleeping in a bush while drunk and streaking through Hiatt Baker among his vast achievements.

Rory only has one regret from the whole experience, and that was him skiing dangerously in Tignes on a course he wasn’t familiar with. Alongside this, he has been nominated as the “liability of the year” in a team of over 150 people, and at the time of speaking to the Tab was on a bus to a competition with his hopes of winning still strong.

His mates shaved his head

His mates shaved his head

Rory embodies the fresher spirit of doing dangerous things for eternal fame, and hopes that the title of maddest fresher can be the next trophy for his ever-expanding metaphorical case.

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