Ex-Vice Chancellor claimed over £17,000 in expenses over last two years

In one month he claimed over a grand in business lunches

Bristol’s former Vice Chancellor Sir Eric Thomas claimed over £17,000 on expenses in the last two academic years.

Sir Eric, who stepped down from his role in August, claimed £8,760 in the last academic year and £8,840 in the year before (2013/14).

The former gynaecologist had been a loyal servant to Bristol University, spending 14 years at the establishment from 2001 to 2015. He was knighted for his services to education in 2013.

He spent nearly as much in a year as it costs for one student to go to uni

In the last calendar year Thomas claimed £1,300 on meals with staff and academics while racking up £6,500 on business lunches with alumni, potential donors, sponsors and external university partners. Last February was a particularly lavish month where £1,142 was claimed alone on business lunches.

In 2013/14, Thomas spent £3,045 on lunches and dinners with academic staff while he also claimed £322 on a trip in Japan.

In June 2015 the Vice Chancellor even bizarrely claimed £4.92 on a travel adaptor.