Second years go to the police after being sold fake tickets to Motion

Don’t buy tickets from Annabelle Pritchard

A group of second years have gone to the police after a Facebook fraudster sold them fake tickets to Motion this Saturday.

Several students bought tickets to Regression Sessions from the Facebook account under the name of Annabelle Pritchard on the Clifton and Stoke Bishop Tickets group.

However, after sending Annabelle money for the tickets, students have said they were either sent fake tickets or blocked on Facebook and sent nothing.

A group of victims went to the local police station and have been informed a government fraud investigation will inspect their case over an eight week period.

It remains unclear whether Annabelle Pritchard is a real person or who the girl in the account’s photographs is.

Nia Price, a second year History student, was one of the people unlucky enough to be scammed. She said: “It says on her profile that she works in Topshop so I went there to see if I could speak to her, but no one with that name has worked there recently.

“After finding out that other people have had similar experiences with Annabelle I decided to contact the police who have taken the relevant details and are going to get back to me once they’ve allocated an officer for the case.”

Ailis Hunter, a second year Veterinary student, also went to the police. She told The Tab: “It’s basically ruined what should have been a fun end of exams night out. People are going to be missing out on the night or having to fork out even more money for an already expensive ticket.

“I hope the fact we’ve reported the person means she gets in trouble and that we all get our money back as deserved.”

Annabelle’s account, which only contains two photos and has no Facebook friends linked to it, has since been labelled as a fake account by the official Facebook support team.

Students are advised to exercise caution when buying tickets second-hand over the internet.