What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever got?

When your presents are more of a joke than the one in your cracker

We’ve all been there. That awkward phone call on Boxing Day when you actually have to thank someone for sending you the one thing you really never wanted, or that sinking feeling when you open a promising looking gift and find a rotten fish (read on and weep).

Of course it’s always way too mean to actually tell people that you hated the gift so the Tab have decided to expose it all for you. If you’ve ever received these gifts and the person who sent them sees this then you’re welcome: you can be sure that this year, you’ll have a better present. If you still get a dodgy gift then you really may have to question your relationship with these people.

Adele, History, second year

A magnet-thing for the fridge that was a shopping planner with puppies all over it. I was like “Mum, I’m defo not taking this to uni” and then obviously I did take it to uni…

Anna, Medicine, second year

Coal, although it’s quite a common thing, like oranges. I got other presents as well, not just coal.

Charly, Katie, Rachael, Vet Science, first years

From left to right: Charly, Clare, Rachael

Charly: Everyone calls me Claire because supposedly I look like Claire Balding so one year my friends all bought me her autobiography so I have like five copies.

Katie: It’s become a running joke, every year in my stocking I get an ugly popping robin on a stick that pops up and says ho ho ho. Also, one year my sister gave my step-mum a herbal tea kettle and then I was given it as a gift the year after, classic re-gifting.

Rachael: I get a lot of stuff I never use, like a digital sudoku.

Lauren, Psychology, second year

Tights, I always get a lot of tights. it’s a pretty boring present.

Grant, Aerospace Engineering, first year

So my nan knows I love salmon, so every year I get a whole Scottish salmon. One year, the salmon got delayed and so it was literally covered in mould and rotten. It had the potential to be a great present and just turned out so so sooooo bad.

Zess, Politics, second year and Mary, Chemistry, third year

Zess, left, and Mary

Zess: My mum got me a Bible one year saying “You NEED this”.

Mary: A 20p phone case. It had the price on still and it was just a bit rubbish really.

Yazmin, Psychology, second year

A clock.

George, Economics and Management, third year

Clothes. I really hate it when people buy me clothes. I’m a really weird size and it’s just never right.