Donald Trump has been banned from Lakota

Guess he’ll have to go to Lounge instead

Lakota has joined the popular backlash against Donald Trump by banning him from entry.

A Facebook post informed the public the billionaire Republican presidential candidate will no longer be allowed entry after saying all Muslims should be stopped from entering the US.

The notoriously edgy nightclub have taken a tough line on racist hate-speech.

Lakota were unavailable for further comment – it hasn’t yet been clarified whether this is a lifetime ban or a ban that will be revoked if Trump chills out.

No nos bar for him

Trump’s call on Monday for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has sparked widespread opposition beyond Bristol’s nightlife scene.

An online petition demanding that Trump be denied entry to the UK has gained over 225,000 signatures, meaning that by law it must be debated before Parliament.

The petition website even crashed on Wednesday morning, due to a staggering four people signing the petition every second.

Trump won’t be having as much fun as these guys