Why do only fit people go to Pam Pam?

Strictly 7/10 and up

Everyone knows there’s a stereotype attached to every club in Bristol. If you’re indie you go to Thekla, Motion is associated with wavey garms, Lakota both the above. Bunker is shit, and Lounge is the token cheesy club.

Pam Pams, we have finally worked out, is for attractive clubbers. Oh, and they’re all really posh.


It seems to attract the Wills and Churchill lot, and this might be because it’s trying to be Mahiki and everyone there is missing the Kings Road.

Well they’re right, Pam Pams is the closest you’re gonna get in Bristol.

A friend of mine promotes for Pam Pams (he’s in Churchill, surprisingly) and says when he’s handing out flyers he doesn’t bother leaving the Churchill/Wills vicinity.

Occasionally he heads to Durdam because it’s not exactly a ‘wild’ night out. But Hiatt Baker, University Hall and Badock don’t get a look in. City centre has no chance.

Hands up if you miss the KR

It might be because the entry fee is more expensive than everywhere else, or because the pretty people walking in heels don’t want to venture very far from the bus stop (understandably). The drinks menu has cocktails, Moet, Veuve and DP.

Imagine what a member of the Bunker bar staff would do if you asked for a bottle of Don Perignon, you’d probably get a drink down your front and be on your way home. I asked for a bottle of white in Bunker (all £8 worth) and they said they have never stocked wine. It’s on the drinks menu.

You wouldn’t find theses people in Thekla now would you?

I’m still not entirely sure why it attracts attractive people, especially girls. Maybe because there’s a dress code (albeit a tame one), so people make more of an attempt on their face.

Maybe I’m alone in this but when I’m wearing trainers and a tshirt I don’t feel like my eyeliner flicks need to be totally on fleek. I looked through the photos of Pam Pams and compared them to Bunker, there is very big difference. Maybe they are using an Instagram filter or something?

HOW do they look so good in club photos?

Even the website is nicer, and there’s that red rope that outlines where the queue is.

At Bunker you get some railing that gets jammed into you if you fall out of line. Perhaps you become fit if you venture into Pam Pams. People go in and there’s a hair salon and a tanning booth next to Bristol’s own Harrods.

I can’t put my finger on it but there must be a reason why Pam Pams breeds attractive and well groomed people.

Maybe we should give Pam Pam’s more credit for giving it a bash at being a slightly nicer ‘London-esque’ club. Or perhaps we should just leave it to the elite.

Images by Joe Hayhow Photography