Things you’ll only recognise if you live in Hiatt Baker

Who doesn’t love turkey escalope?

Sure, there are many things that all of us living in Stoke Bishop have in common, but there are particular things that only those living in Hiatt Baker understand.

‘Dinner starts at 6pm’ means dinner starts at 5.30pm

It started as a desire to be at the front of the queue… now we’re shocked if we’re eating dinner any later than 5.40.

You can wake up 10 minutes before your bus and still make it

The transport hub is literally on your doorstep.

You make friends with people in self catered so you can have a taste of luxury every once in a while

You can’t cook EVERYTHING in a microwave, after all.

You are guaranteed turkey escalope at least once a week

Will there be any turkeys left for Christmas?

Laughing on the inside as you see students from the other halls walking up the hill

Well at least they’re fitter than us.

You’re so close to the downs it’s ideal to go for a run… or not
It’s funny that you never actually see anyone running.

Getting so many packages that the porter knows your name

They’re mostly clothes deliveries that inevitably get sent back, so we really need a changing room and mirror next to the porter’s office.

The Hiatt Baker cat
He’s just everywhere.

After dinner pool games are essential

This is according to every boy ever.

You want to move your bed to the work rooms because they’re just so nice
Would you rather live in the work rooms or in self catered? Such a hard choice.

Buying an extra item at Source to meet the £2 minimum card spend

Who else has too many packets of Dolmio tomato sauce in their room right now?

Anything could happen to your bedroom when you go away for the weekend…

Leave your room unlocked at your own risk.