There is nothing more awkward than choosing housemates while in first year

You’re all just gonna hate each other in the end

After living with total strangers for over a month, the time has come to start thinking about future housemates. Who are you going to live with? How many people? Where? It’s daunting. On a positive note, you can finally live in a place where you can walk into the kitchen and see your friends, not the people you share awkward small talk with.

You move on from this to something bigger and better. With this sense of adulthood comes a sense of responsibility: bills, cooking and cleaning. You can’t just sit around doing nos all day.

I give up

A second year friend said choosing housing was easy for her because she came with a group of friends from school. For some this is the obvious option because, well, why would you stray away from your closest friends? But do you really want to spend the next two and a half years not having branched out?

I don’t know how to choose this sacred group but as a first year myself, it’s proving a very arduous process. We found the best way is to put someone in charge (a girl is probably a good idea) and make them the “take no shit” giver of bad news.

Quick, change the subject

The hardest and most awkward part of this whole process is choosing and excluding people. There’s always one person who thinks they’re going to be in the group when they aren’t, and there’s always one or two who go rogue and set your house number completely awry.

It’s like some kind of housing Hunger Games: fighting to the death for that final spot. Do you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone being upset for a week or so? I don’t think so.


Arguments have occurred, and passing those who happen to not be in our house has become a very dangerous experience. What do you say? I’m tempted to repeatedly apologise so the conversation doesn’t have to continue. There are people who dropped out after taking the sacred oath to join our army and it’s not okay. How are you supposed to act?

Hate is a strong word

There’s also the female to male ratio issue. It’s been known for girls to live in an all female house in Clifton somewhere, but I think that could get bitchy. If all boys, which seems to be rare, it could get very smelly. But in a mixed house, there are always a few who complain about the ratio. In our house there are five boys and two girls. Are we lads or are we sluts? And if the other way round, are the boys lads or friendzoned?

This is a big decision and you have to be selfish. The second two years at uni are crucial and are not to be taken (too) lightly. You have to think about your personal happiness and surround yourself with the people who are your real friends.