We spoke to people marching in solidarity with Paris

‘I was in bed all night crying’

Hundreds of people gathered last night at the Millenium Square to mourn the loss of lives in the Paris attacks. After lighting candles, the march moved slowly towards the Victoria Rooms, where a minute of silence was held.

Angela, Dentistry

This walk today is really important for those families who have lost their loved ones in Paris. No one knew it was coming and so many innocent lives were lost – they just don’t deserve it. I don’t understand what the world’s come to but I just knew that I needed to do something. My heart goes out to everyone in Paris and all the other people that were affected in yesterday’s terrors.”

Ella, Sociology

I’m here to show support for anyone who is affected by the attacks. I was in my flat last night when it happened and I found out about it because a friend of mine who lives in Paris heard about it from her family.

George, German and Russian

I’m here to pay respects, really. Because in our flat when we heard about the attacks, it did affect us quite badly. Even though it happened quite far away, we felt connected to it so we thought we would turn up and pay our respects. It’s the least we could do.

Coline, Modern Languages (Bath)

When I heard about the event I was in my flat having dinner and watching a movie. I freaked out because I’m far from home (Paris), family and friends. I just wanted to know that everyone was okay. So I checked up on everybody and the news until 3am last night because I just couldn’t sleep.

I’m here because I can’t do anything else and I feel really powerless. I feel like I need to do something – even if there won’t be any results. I just want to show that I am not okay with what happened. I don’t want to just stay in my flat worrying about my parents and family.

Joanna, Economics

I came here just to support all the families that lost someone in the attacks last night. I think it’s disgusting how these terrorists have been acting. People who died are just innocent lives in the street. Last night I was with my friends when it happened, and I’m grateful to know that people in Paris are safe and well.

Ava, Film and TV

I’m here tonight because I was born in Paris. I grew up in Paris. Paris is my home. All my friends and family live in Paris. I knew people who worked at the restaurants and I know they’re okay. I also know somebody who was at the city hall who died yesterday. We’re very sad. And we’re here tonight to light a few candles for them.

Stefan, Theatre

I’m here to pay my respects for the lives lost. I was at home when the incidents happened.

Jeremy, Film and TV

I have many friends in Paris, including my best friend. Last night was pretty intense because she was very close to all the events that happened. I’m quite in tahe state of shock all day today. I joined this walk to pay my respects to the lives lost last night.

Violette, Biology 

I went to the walk today because I’m French. I come from Paris. What happened yesterday affected my home. I was very moved by the walk. And since all my family are back home I felt a little bit powerless. I feel like I can’t really act from here.

This walk was an opportunity for me to show that even though I’m not in the same country I still feel for my country. It is one way to show my respect for the victims and their family who I believe are going through horrible times. It’s also our way to react to these barbarous attacks and it’s to show that even though they’re trying to destroy us and make us doubt our own values, we’ll always be reunited and destroy against them. This is not the right way. This is to prove them wrong.

I was having drinks with my friends and we were about to go out last night. I was a bit tipsy when the news came in. I was absolutely devastated. It completely destroyed the mood of the party. I was in bed all night crying.