LASS in the ASS: ‘We’re not sexist’

Facebook page admin insists it’s just ‘something fun’

The anonymous admin behind the LASS in the ASS Facebook page has exclusively told The Tab they don’t believe it to be sexist.

The page encourages library-dwellers to upload photos of “bangers” they spot while studying.

These photos are then uploaded anonymously and fans of the page are encouraged to help identify the people in the pictures.

The page has been criticised by members of FemSoc for objectifying women, with some questioning whether taking photos of people and uploading them without their permission is legal.


According to the page’s admin, a large number of the people liking it are female

Now, the page’s admin, while remaining anonymous, has spoken out against the criticism, telling The Tab the page is for women and men.

They said: “I think it depends on how you define ‘sexist’. We mean it to be for both guys and girls.

“The title was picked because it rhymes. It’s purely meant as something fun, it was never conceived to be something offensive or ‘vile’.”

When asked if the page may encourage people to objectify women, LASS in the ASS told us: “I think it should be noted a large proportion of the likes we’ve received have been from girls, an indication they see it as something meant in good humour.”

They added any concerns from students would be taken very seriously.

They said: “It should be made clear that any post an individual finds offensive or obtrusive will be taken down immediately upon request.”