We went to the Bristol pub which is always full of cats

It was delightful

If you love cats, grab your inhaler because Bag ‘o’ Nails, a friendly little pub near College Green is overflowing with them. Exclamation mark.

There are even rumours that if you open the door behind the bar, you will drown in a tsunami of kittens.

Allow Tinder, this is where to find the finest pussy in Bristol.

Met this one on tinder

Dream date

I ordered a half pint of blonde ale like the white female that I am (there was no mixed berry Kopparberg) and had a chat with Luke Daniels, the owner of this fine establishment.

How did you start your glorious feline collection?

We opened the pub four years ago and within a week of opening we got Malcolm the pub cat. A year later, we got Berry, a lady cat. They did the naughties and few months later, out popped five more kittens. We’ve had four litters this year.

Good job mum

Good job, mum

How many are there?

Fifteen at the moment, which is normal. We had twenty-four at some point this year.

*cue handful kittens running across the bar*

Do they misbehave?

Yes yes, really bad. The current batch are constantly jumping on the record deck so I put it on the fastest speed setting and they go spinning around.

Hercules relaxin' before his next set

Hercules relaxin’ before his next set

Have you had any complaints? 

We have people that walk in and walk out again, but I don’t want people who don’t like cats. They’re not normal people.

*cue cat dipping its tail in my pint*

George the Tab-by doesn't want your bad vibes

George the Tab-by doesn’t want your bad vibes

Who’s the cheekiest feline?

Salvador, he’s a sucker for crisps. He taught himseld to steal the crisps off the crisp rack.

Eyeing up the prey

Eyeing up the prey

What’s his favourite flavour?

Pork scratchings.

Do the cats drink red stripe?

Nope, we tried putting catnip in it but they still didn’t drink it.

What baccy you got there ,mate?

What baccy you got there, mate?

The beer is nice, too.