A guy climbed to the top of Thekla’s mast last night to win a £10 bet

Was it you?

It’s something we’ve all wanted to do. After all, Thekla isn’t just a popular club venue, it’s also a ship.

Last night a guy finally achieved the impossible: He climbed to the very top of Thekla’s mast, annoying the club’s bouncers tremendously in the process.

According to one poster on YikYak, the climber bravely shimmied up the mast because of a bet.

The Yak reads: “Shout out to the guy who just climbed the side of Thekla for £10! #Bannedforlife.”

One of the attendees of Thekla’s Thursday night, Frankie, told us what happened.

She said: “I was there, I saw it all like the girl I am. I saw this guy pull himself up onto the boat. And we were all like okay, this guy is just a bit of a show off. Then he carried on heading up.”

Frankie added security were less aggressive, more miffed.

“It was only once he’d gotten up to the top of the mast, that security started going for him. But it was hardly a chase, the security guy looked more annoyed than anything and the guy came down without a fuss.”

If you know the identity of the man who climbed the past or have any more information, email [email protected].