‘Dead Rappers’ Halloween Party’ promoters apologise after encouraging people to black up

It’s been re-named ‘Halloween Hip-Hop Night’


Promoters Brooklyn Zoo have apologised after their “Dead Rappers” Halloween party was criticised for encouraging attendees to black up.

The event, which is happening tonight at Lakota, has been branded as “racist” by some, who interpreted the event’s request for people to put “merky face paint on” as a reference to blackface.

The Facebook page for the event described the night as: “A chance for you to pay homage to our favourite rappers who ain’t with us no more.”

Party-goers were also encouraged to put “hella bling” on and bring toy guns.


Many attendees questioned the reference to “merky” face paint and contacted Marti Burgess, the owner of Lakota, to inform her of their concerns. Marti was reportedly shocked when she saw the event’s advert.

A spokesperson from Lakota said: “We did not agree the theme or the way in which it was originally promoted and will now be ensuring that the Dead Rappers Halloween party goes ahead with a focus on the music and atmosphere and not the fancy dress.”

When asked about the controversy, Brooklyn Zoo offered a sincere apology.

They said: “The term “murky” has a multiple of meanings from its dictionary definition to its use as a slang word (as adopted heavily by the rapper Stormzy in the song Know Me From). However one of these meanings can be taken as “dark”.

“When used in the context of face painting (which is commonplace in Halloween fancy dress), ‘murky’ may well be seen as encouraging people to black their face. This was absolutely not our intention but once this was pointed out to us as offensive it was removed.”