Over a third of girls at Bristol have been sexually assaulted

The figure is higher than the national average

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42 per cent of girls at the University of Bristol have been sexually assaulted.

The statistic, which comes from The Tab’s sexual assault survey, is six per cent higher than the national average.

An alarming proportion of girls in Bristol said they had been raped, with the figure standing at 18 per cent – almost one in five.

Of those who had been sexually assaulted, the percentage who knew the attacker was 56 per cent.

Shockingly, almost one fifth of those who told someone about their attack said they hadn’t been believed.

Nationally, eight per cent of sexual assault victims said the attack had occurred in freshers’ week.

The survey, conducted by The Tab, had more than 5,500 respondents from various universities nationwide.

In regards to the nationwide survey, of the 15 per cent of respondents that had been raped, 46 per cent told The Tab it had happened while at university, with 35 per cent saying it had occurred in first year.

54 per cent said it had happened whilst they were still at school.

Helen, a fresher studying Film and Theatre, said: “I’m not really surprised really. It’s quite ironic how people are taking action to raise awareness about it and yet it’s still happening.”

Chloe, a third year English student, also told us that she wasn’t surprised by the results.”So many people in clubs think that walking past someone is permission to grope them, or that an appropriate conversation starter is to make a really pervy comment.

“I’m actually surprised it isn’t more.”