There’s going to be an anti-cuts protest on Wednesday

‘People are angry’

Bristol Uni students are going to protest against government cuts to the maintenance grant at midday on Wednesday, outside the Senate House.

Though Bristol Uni has a reputation for throwing the most middle class protests in existence, these students are angry at the way the cuts will affect poor students.

This will come as a shock to many, as last year the ASS protest flopped so hard George Robb’s Rolex fell into his Latte and subsequently stained his chinos.

That’s because Epigram throws a protest like they throw their parties; the few who turn up are sober and boring.

The maintenance grant gives students from families with an income of £25,000 or less money to support them at Uni. George Osborne scrapped them in the budget, claiming they were “unaffordable.”

He's got a big red heart

Top Marx to Max

The organiser, Max Haskins is a second year politics student. He told us that there’s been a great reaction from all political colours and creeds.

“From talking to all sorts of societies in Bristol, it’s clear that people are angry about the cuts. I know many people who will be affected by the scrapping of the grant, and it’s going to have really negative impact on their studies.”

Max comes from a working class family and has a job during term time to pay the bills.

“I come from a family with one working parent and another on disability benefit. My loan itself isn’t enough and I have to work during term time alongside my course and ration out the money I receive.”

The protest will look like this

The protest will look like this

The protest has seen overwhelming support over the last few days, according to Max.

“I’ve been getting messages from people every day, people who want to take part in what we’re trying to do. There will be hundreds of people attending.”

So when you’re walking to the ASS at midday on Wednesday with a look of aimless apathy, you’ll encounter the opposite.