The University of Bristol will be helping refugees in need

But their plans are pretty vague

Charitable bosses at the University of Bristol are planning to establish studentships to assist refugees who are fleeing into Europe.

Dr Maggie Leggett, Director of Communications at UoB said: “The University is proposing to establish studentships to assist refugees and is currently working on the details. Contact has also been made with Bristol City Council to discuss what other steps can be taken to alleviate the crisis.”

Bristol SU refused to comment at this time.

There's plenty of space for refugees in Bristol

There’s plenty of space for refugees in Bristol

Far more comprehensive plans to help refugees were announced by the University of Glasgow last week.

The University’s Talent Scholarship Scheme will be expanded to aid refugee undergraduates and postgraduates.

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: “We are facing a major refugee crisis in Europe and, as it has done so many times in the past, the university community is responding in a meaningful, tangible way.”

He then announced each of the four colleges of the university will be offering a fee waiver to those who do not qualify to funding through the Scottish Funding Council.

The university has a long history of being a haven for teachers and students who have been persecuted or are fleeing war. During the Second World War, Glasgow University sheltered many people fleeing from the Nazi Regime.

The latest to be welcomed to the institution are two PHD students from Syria, who are fleeing from the brutality of ISIS.

Leeds University’s new student exec have publicly announced their support for refugees across Europe in the form of a “refugees welcome” banner.

Though no actual refugees will be housed in the Union building, the exec will be leading a drive for donations and a pledge to help local charities aid refugees in Calais and further afield.

A statement on the Union’s website explains the exec team’s decision to support those seeking refuge in Britain and the rest of Europe.

It says: ”Leeds University Union has a history of solidarity with those suffering from persecution.

”We, as a team, are deeply concerned with the current refugee crisis and, more specifically, the situation in Calais.”

UoB has some way to go before it matches the generosity of other universities.