New Vice Chancellor outlines jargon-filled vision for Bristol Uni

Bristol has a ‘thriving knowledge economy’ apparently

New Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady has explained his bland new vision for Bristol Uni, in a video filled with robotic jargon and corporate cliches.

Previously President of University College Dublin, he presented an evidently inspiring “vision” to his new students. This includes “internationalisation”, the “student experience” and “work with the Bristol community.”

In the video, Mr Brady tells students of his desire to improve the “student experience.”

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“The University should be both a journey of academic and personal discovery that equips you with the values, knowledge, skills and lifestyle habits to thrive after graduation.”

Lifestyle habits of Bristol Uni students include: MDMA binges, throwing up outside Lizard Lounge and getting “Daddy” to pay for a series of Motion tickets.

Brady also told Business Leader about hi strategy of “internationalisation” – where an enterprise becomes more involved in international markets. It’s nice to know he’s going to furiously protect the principle of not-for-profit education.

Brady’s not only planning to improve the student experience, “in and outside the classroom”, but he wants to work closely with the Bristol community.

Whether this means he’ll be working with the dazed and confused citizens of Stokes Croft and Bedminster remains to be seen.

We look forward to working with you too, Mr Brady.