A photoshoot: Instafamous international students of Shanghai

It’s China’s answer to New York

Shanghai is a fascinating city mixing eastern and western traditions and a world renowned centre of commerce, culture and style. 

These elegant international students are passionate fashion enthusiasts and bloggers from Shanghai, with thousands of Instagram and YouTube followers between them. They each posed in front of a specific landmark

We’ve asked them to come up with three sets of outfits they would consider truly identifying who they are, as well as letting the clothes embody the streets styles they believe represent the city. 

Location one: Huai Hai Road

Casey, 17, University of San Diego

Taken in a local park on Huai Hai Road.

Taken on rooftop of mall iAPM

Taken in a local alley on Huai Hai Road

What’s quality links your outfits together? 

“Comfort. Because if you’re not comfortable in what you wear, then you’re not going to feel confident in what you wear, which to me is the main point of style. That’s the idea of wearing clothes – to feel confident and comfortable.”

Location two: The Bund

Alicia, 18, University of Southern California

Taken in front of the AIA Bank located on the Bund

On the Bund platform

Taken in front of an old closed bank located on The Bund

What’s your favourite thing to do in Shanghai?

“I really really recommend taking a step back from the liveliest parts of the city and explore the intimate alleyways hidden away here. Places like Huai Hai Road or on Yong Kang Road. These are the places where you can see the old fashioned local culture of Shanghai.

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Location three: Xin Tian Di

Ann, 18, London College of Fashion

Taken in the alleys of Xin Tian Di

Taken on the streets of Ma Dang Road, Xin Tian Di

Taken on the streets behind the Xin Tian Di Mall

How has living in Shanghai influenced your fashion choices?

“The fashion style in Shanghai changes a lot. There are people coming from different countries around the world. Especially when Shanghai is a city full of expats. The way people dress shows you who they are.”

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