EXCLUSIVE: Syndicate to become a ‘corporate events’ establishment

They’re going to hold banquets apparently

Like Jesus, Syndicate is rising again, not as a straightforward nightclub but as the catchy sounding “SWX – Music Hall and Event Space”.

Syndicate is owned and managed by The Harewood Group – a group that runs a diverse range of nights and events across the UK, currently rolling out the Viper Rooms brand that’s sweeping this green and pleasant land.

A spokesperson for The Harewood Group and one of the management team of what used to be Syndi exclusively told us:

“After 9 years the venue will be reincarnated as ‘SWX – Music Hall and Event Space’, Launching on September 5th. This was something done out of opportunity, not financial gain.”

He told us that while the owners were still The Harewood Group, the management, aesthetics, vibe and purpose would change drastically.

He said: “We’re moving away from the super-club personality the Syndicate has had over the last 9 years.”

Why would you want to move away from this?

Why would you want to move away from this?

Though while this may come as a shock to many, the club will be revitalised with a new “industrial feel” with a revamped bar and new lighting. They’re making it a bit more posh, less of a “oh sweet JESUS – there’s sick on the floor and smashed glass and the smoking area is basically the prison yard from The Shawshank Redemption” kinda vibe.

He told us that SWX will be working in conjunction with a variety of different groups: “We’ll be playing host to loads of different events, from comedy, music, sport and hosting awards, to banquets, weddings and all manner of corporate events.”

It sounds like there’ll be something for everybody. Banquets? Maybe groups of huddled nerds dressed for Westeros downing mead are going to become a new nightlife staple.

Having fun at Bristol's premier banquet spot

Having fun at Bristol’s premier banquet spot

But Bristol’s own trust-fund anarchists and Stokes Croft fanatics shouldn’t fear, because the style is going to be unique to Bristol. The spokesperson told us: “We’re working with local graffiti artists to create areas of artwork around the new space that give it a Bristol feel.”

We asked you what you thought about these massive changes. William, a third year Geologist said “I couldn’t be happier, Syndicate, in it’s old form was a blight on Bristolian society.”

Julian, a second year Geographer welcomed the news. He said “Look, honestly, Syndicate was so shit – the drinks were shit, the design was shit, the people were shit. People only went there on a Friday night for god’s sake. They should just go to the pub, the silly pricks.”

Adam, 20, said: “Syndicate was basically a cage for drunk people. This could be a new experience, I welcome the change and I’m actually pretty excited to go to a banquet.”