This is what people really think about Gold Rush

‘I pretend it doesn’t exist so I don’t get FOMO’

For those of you who live under a rock and aren’t familiar with the term, “Gold Rush” is defined as: “the sudden urge to cease all committed and faithful relationships in the hope of copulating with as many individuals as possible in the closing stages of one’s undergraduate career”.

We wanted to find out if this actually exists, or if it’s just another of those pointless Facebook events thousands of people join and only three people actually turn up to.

So we took to the streets and asked: How has Gold Rush worked for you?



“I don’t feel any affections.”



“Uhhh, it’s just an excuse to laugh at my friends. That’s about it really!”

Phinn and Johnny


“Gold Rush? What’s Gold Rush?”

“Oh, it’s the end of year thing where everyone gets together because it’s like the final time you see people, right?”

“What, like shagging?”


“It’s kinda gross.”

“I just don’t know anyone who has actually done it. I thought it was more of like a joke than an actual thing people do.”



“Um, I’m not quite sure what it is”

*after a brief explanation*

“Oh! Well it’s sounds wonderful!”



“It hasn’t really, I’ve been too busy studying in the library. Actually, that’s not really true, I shagged someone over there on Woodland Road.”





“Uhh. Is this going anywhere?”

Yeah, it’s for the Tab

*looks awkwardly around to make sure no one else is listening*

“I met my now-girlfriend last year in Gold Rush. Don’t put my name in the article! She won’t like that. Make up a name for me. Get the initials to be C.P but make sure you don’t put my name in!”



“It hasn’t really at all…I was too scared to join the page and now it’s a bit too late. I just pretend it doesn’t exist so I don’t get FOMO!”

George and Juke


“Gold Rush? I don’t know what that is.”

“Nah, I’ve still got exams so I haven’t been into it.”



“Everyday is Gold Rush for me.”